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How to invest in cryptocurrency?

The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2020: Catch The Last Train

Cryptocurrencies still continue to make hype around the world. One time they struck with their ups, the next day - with their downfalls. Someone portends that the crypt will not last long, but it is only gaining popularity. Is it too late for newcomers to break into this market? In fact, no!  Don’t know how to invest in cryptocurrency? You need to do this with caution.

The first thing you need to understand is that such a market is not regulated by the state, so it is extremely difficult to predict what the indicators of coins will be. Moreover, in the absence of state regulation, the price of such currencies is growing rapidly. Actually, this is normal for the financial market, albeit electronic.

So, back to the issue of investing. If you have long been attracted to cryptocurrencies but you were afraid to make an investment, then there is no time to wait further. Some well-known top 10 cryptocurrencies fell to and became stable. But do you understand that this will not always be the case? Therefore, the time has come to act. Which cryptocurrency to buy? We will talk about this a little later.

Let's look at some points that you definitely need to know about if you are a novice:

  • Crypto is a digital currency and does not have a physical form. This is not the same as the dollar, euro or other currencies.

  • Such a currency is not regulated by the state, so changes in the market may not be predicted.

  • New projects may work dishonestly, it is better to lean towards proven and well-known ones.

  • Be aware of the risks associated with rate changes.

  • Take care of the safe storage of your digital currency.

  • Pay attention to the cap, this indicator reflects the turnover of tokens which is multiplied by the current value.

  • Monitor market changes as often as possible.

Please note that in this article we will consider 6 cryptocurrencies that you need to pay attention to and the best altcoins to invest in 2020. Here you will find out which ones are suitable for long-term and medium-term investments and how to start investing in cryptocurrency. And of course, about where you should keep your digital savings.

Safe Investment with Bitcoin

Well, most likely this is one of the safest currencies to invest. Remember the market crash and how the BTC got out of the crisis. Moreover, BTC is the father of all cryptocurrencies and its technology is used for other currencies.

So this currency is still relevant and promising for safe investment. BTC remains in a truly unique position, which cannot be said of others. Like it or not, but this coin remains the face of all digital currencies and as the main representative of crypto. We will not talk too long about all the advantages of this currency, everything is clear. How to invest in Bitcoin? If you are interested in long-term investment, then do not waste time. There is not much time left until a reasonable price can rise next year.

Can we really expect an increase in BTC in the new year? In any case, do not worry about a sharp collapse in the value of this currency. Moreover, there are not so many coins left. But if you consider the coin as a daily trade, then here you can meet with losses.

Moreover, it makes sense to expect that all problems associated with this coin will be resolved, which will positively affect the cost. The only question is when this will happen, but improvement in technology can be expected.

Hence, a relatively long-term prospect will still bring you profit. The crypto community believes that the days of crazy take-off are over, but who knows what the market is preparing next year. Most analysts argue that the cost in the new year will come to a balance. But again, you must understand that this market is not predictable. Nevertheless, in any case, with this currency, you will minimize the risks of bankruptcy.

Ethereum: Should We Expect Growth?

Despite the rapid decline of the second largest currency, it still remains the top cryptocurrency for investment. Many analysts suggest that the new year portends a decline to $100, while other investors expect a sudden increase. In principle, today's figures are extremely close to the mark of $100, but most likely you should not expect a sharp decline.

It is worth noting that this coin is more advanced than BTC because it allows launching new projects on your platform. Therefore, this is also one of the factors why this coin will remain relevant. Especially considering the fact that there are more and more new projects.

Well-known experts predict a significant increase in the currency in the next two to three years. For example, Peaceful Warrior predicts a currency increase of as much as $ 5,000. PiriReis predicts that the token will reach only $ 320. Does this is not the right moment to acquire it for the long term? Just what you need! However, of course, there are no guarantees that these forecasts will come true 100 percent. But still, when this sounds from the lips of analysts, it gives rise to the hope that it will come true.

So if you are looking for passive income, then you should not wait until the price ceases to be stable. It is worth noting that the most avid crypto enthusiasts still keep money in ETX. Moreover, such a market is always cyclical, followed by growth. The only question is how soon it will happen so this is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy.

Bitcoin Cash: Is It Still Alive?

At first, many platforms even refused to place this coin. Well, now it is at the forefront of all popular venues. It is worth noting that this coin does not have a favorite exchange, and all trades are distributed evenly. This is a convenient tool for exchange arbitrage.

At the beginning of the year, this currency reached $ 110, but by May the cost was as much as $ 406. Should we expect the growth of this coin? If NASDAQ began to broadcast rates on its stock exchange, then most likely this currency will last on the market for a long time. But since its network, this coin has caused a lot of controversy in the cryptocurrency community.

Look at the current value of this crypto, in any case, a sharp drop should not be expected. Only if the whole market crashes. But again, if we consider this coin from the point of view of the fact that it is related to the BTC, in all probability, even in case of collapse, it will be able to stay afloat.

Is it worth investing a lot of money? Most likely, you do not need to do this based on many expert opinions, especially in the context of the short term.  Moreover, the price is not so low today. But on the other hand, there are many forecasts that speak of a positive change.

It is worth emphasizing that it is possible to predict changes in this coin using BTC. Many have long noticed that after a change in BTC, a similar change follows in Bitcoin Cash, but a bit late. Therefore, you can focus on the top coin to understand what will happen to this. You can try to buy cryptocurrency of not large amounts, so as to be safe. But also consider in the medium term.

Ripple: New Partnership Can Increase Cost

This is a very promising network but it still causes many disagreements as to whether this can be called crypto. Nevertheless, it is included in the top cryptocurrency list, based on blockchain technology and the transaction system is similar to BTC.

Moreover, there is an opinion among the crypto community that this particular coin is capable of revolutionizing the blockchain world. All the same, there is some truth in this, not philosophical reflections. Further, you will understand why.

But the key is that already about fifty banks are cooperating and most likely in the future, this number will increase. What does it mean? The fact that this coin can significantly increase in value due to a new partnership.

If you look at the chart for 2017, you will see there growth from zero dollars to as much as 2.4. Most likely you have a feeling of annoyance that in 2017 you did not invest. Nevertheless, everything can be replayed and this crypto can be the best cryptocurrency to buy right now.

Another reason why a currency can remain on the raft is that it is not only a digital currency but also a payment system. Before deciding to invest in this currency, monitor the hourly and daily changes. Also, watch out for new partnerships as this will significantly affect the cost. And such partnerships are likely to appear in the new year. Well, the price reduction in comparison with 2017 is an important factor that attracts investment.

Litecoin: Yes or No?

This crypto simply could not get on this list. Firstly, due to close ties with BTC, this currency is expected to be afloat even next year. Since it was created precisely in order to improve the technology of BTC, it even makes transactions 4 times faster. Secondly, this currency showed a stunning result in 2017, despite the sharp market collapse. Although this has affected most other coins, too.

Hence it’s quite difficult to predict what will happen to this currency next year if changes within 24 hours can turn all expectations upside down. However, if to rely on numerous forecasts, we can still expect positive changes.

You should know that this is not just a digital coin, but an open-source system. Most enthusiasts call this coin future silver after BTC and ETH. That is, everyone expects its sudden growth from 400-1000 dollars. Others believe that next year, in addition to a sharp rise, we should expect a fall to an extremely low level. Is it worth making major investments now? Most crypto enthusiasts believe that, based on high technology, the project has a good future. And it is a technology that will be able to increase the price of this currency in subsequent years. Let's get back to investing.

Waiting for changes in the next year, many are trying to play it safe and capitalize on market volatility. It's about CFD. If you understand what is at stake, you can also consider this option. If you first hear, then you have time left to get acquainted with the features of such an alternative.

Stellar: Is it Worth Being Due to Low Price?

Many trading platforms do their best to become leaders and the decentralized trading platform Stellar is far from an exception. Despite the overwhelming concerns within the cryptocurrency market regarding “decentralization,” the SDEX platform is a great place to exchange crypto, and even at cheap rates. It is important to understand that XLM is not crypto with small capitalization.

By the way, Stellar has a proven model, unlike the world-famous Ethereum. This is all due to the fact that Stellar has a unique technology that allows direct issuance of any asset.

Another reason why you have to think through this cryptocurrency investment is the fact of partnership with IBM. As follows from this, IBM will not cooperate with a knowingly failed project. Agree, this is one of the key factors why you should pay attention to. But, according to most experts, this factor may be the other side of the coin, so if you are planning to invest a large amount, then it is worth to wait. This variant is suitable for a lower investment.

If to rely on numerous analytical forecasts, then this crypto will only grow both now and even next year. Therefore, if you want to try yourself in investing, then this is the best cryptocurrency to invest 2020. Especially as investments for beginners and of course, based on the fact that in the next year growth is expected.

Where to Store Crypto: You Must to Know This!

To keep your currency in a safe place, you need specialized wallets. They come in cold and hot storage. Their differences are that hot storage is online. They provide you with quick access to currency and transactions. Cold storage works offline and is suitable for long-term storing, restricts instant access, and has a high degree of protection.

Choosing the right method for storing digital currency depends on what goals you pursue. If you plan to trade every day or at frequent intervals, then an option such as online wallets or exchange ones is suitable for you.

But if you want to use crypto as a deposit, then you should consider such options as hardware, desktop and so on. That is cold storage wallets.

In any case, regardless of your goals, you should use those options that will guarantee and ensure security. After all, as you know, security in this market is key.

The Bottom Line

The fact that there are not many popular currencies in this article does not mean that they will not grow in value. Here we examined the best cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention, are interesting and promising projects.

Remember that before making a decision and taking risks, you must determine your investment objectives. Someone simply wants to enter the market and begin to understand the crypto, while someone craves passive income. Therefore, before making a decision on how to invest in blockchain, you must understand what you are striving for.

Most hope that the top, but secondary coins will repeat the experience of BTC and ETH. And when the market froze a little instability, acquiring such coins becomes easier.

Also, remember that your forecasts and even the forecasts of specialists cannot be 100% accurate. No one knows what the future will bring to the world of cryptocurrency, so take a sober view of all the risks. But this does not mean at all that you do not need to analyze and monitor market changes. This is exactly what you will need as often as possible! One thing is certain, growth is foreshadowed after every recession. Therefore, now is the time to start investing and buy cryptocurrency, while the prices of most currencies are stable and are at an average level relative to their peak.