Ripple: New Partnership Can Increase Cost

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This is a very promising network but it still causes many disagreements as to whether this can be called crypto. Nevertheless, it is included in the top cryptocurrency list, based on blockchain technology and the transaction system is similar to BTC.

Moreover, there is an opinion among the crypto community that this particular coin is capable of revolutionizing the blockchain world. All the same, there is some truth in this, not philosophical reflections. Further, you will understand why.

But the key is that already about fifty banks are cooperating and most likely in the future, this number will increase. What does it mean? The fact that this coin can significantly increase in value due to a new partnership.

If you look at the chart for 2017, you will see there growth from zero dollars to as much as 2.4. Most likely you have a feeling of annoyance that in 2017 you did not invest. Nevertheless, everything can be replayed and this crypto can be the best cryptocurrency to buy right now.

Another reason why a currency can remain on the raft is that it is not only a digital currency but also a payment system. Before deciding to invest in this currency, monitor the hourly and daily changes. Also, watch out for new partnerships as this will significantly affect the cost. And such partnerships are likely to appear in the new year. Well, the price reduction in comparison with 2017 is an important factor that attracts investment.