Litecoin: Yes or No?

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This crypto simply could not get on this list. Firstly, due to close ties with BTC, this currency is expected to be afloat even next year. Since it was created precisely in order to improve the technology of BTC, it even makes transactions 4 times faster. Secondly, this currency showed a stunning result in 2017, despite the sharp market collapse. Although this has affected most other coins, too.

Hence it’s quite difficult to predict what will happen to this currency next year if changes within 24 hours can turn all expectations upside down. However, if to rely on numerous forecasts, we can still expect positive changes.

You should know that this is not just a digital coin, but an open-source system. Most enthusiasts call this coin future silver after BTC and ETH. That is, everyone expects its sudden growth from 400-1000 dollars. Others believe that next year, in addition to a sharp rise, we should expect a fall to an extremely low level. Is it worth making major investments now? Most crypto enthusiasts believe that, based on high technology, the project has a good future. And it is a technology that will be able to increase the price of this currency in subsequent years. Let’s get back to investing.

Waiting for changes in the next year, many are trying to play it safe and capitalize on market volatility. It’s about CFD. If you understand what is at stake, you can also consider this option. If you first hear, then you have time left to get acquainted with the features of such an alternative.