How to get a Mod Menu on Fortnite

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Fortnite mods are designed to help players gain an advantage over their opponents. Of course, this is not a fair game because only some of the players are using these mods. Besides, if you decide to use mods, you need to be prepared for penalties. Nevertheless, in this article we have collected information about the fortnite mod menu that will help you get more information about this system.


With this cheat, the player is able to see through walls. Since shelters are of great importance in Fortnite, this cheat gives a significant advantage. But players who use WallHack are quickly noticed and penalized. So, there is no point in using such mods if you do not want to risk your game account.


Aim is a special script that acts like an automatic targeting device. In the past it was easy to spot such mods because players would always hit their opponent’s head when the cheat was enabled. Now each player can configure the system himself and hit a different part of the body automatically without having to aim. This is a serious advantage in the game, and because of recent updates to the cheats, finding cheaters is often very difficult.


You can find many similar offerings online. However, you should be aware that there are currently no money mods in Fortnite. All those applications that you will download are viruses and they will harm your PC. You can lose your game account or even have more serious consequences. You should not trust scammers. No one can hack a Fortnite game for money with a mod.


This is a simplified construction system. Since construction is very important in Fortnite, there are cheats online that simplify the process.

Penalties for cheats

If the Fortnite representatives notice that the player uses mods, he will receive a ban. In addition, bypassing this ban when changing your account does not work, so be prepared to completely stop enjoying your favorite game. Lately Epic Games has been suing people who develop and distribute cheats, so here you can even get a hefty fine or other sanction.

Nevertheless, many players want to try playing Fortnite with mods. So we can assume that the popularity of mods will grow. But the game developers are also likely to implement more serious methods of finding cheaters that will help them find cheaters and punish them. So it makes sense to play fair.