Ethereum: Should We Expect Growth?

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Despite the rapid decline of the second largest currency, it still remains the top cryptocurrency for investment. Many analysts suggest that the new year portends a decline to $100, while other investors expect a sudden increase. In principle, today’s figures are extremely close to the mark of $100, but most likely you should not expect a sharp decline.

It is worth noting that this coin is more advanced than BTC because it allows launching new projects on your platform. Therefore, this is also one of the factors why this coin will remain relevant. Especially considering the fact that there are more and more new projects.

Well-known experts predict a significant increase in the currency in the next two to three years. For example, Peaceful Warrior predicts a currency increase of as much as $ 5,000. PiriReis predicts that the token will reach only $ 320. Does this is not the right moment to acquire it for the long term? Just what you need! However, of course, there are no guarantees that these forecasts will come true 100 percent. But still, when this sounds from the lips of analysts, it gives rise to the hope that it will come true.

So if you are looking for passive income, then you should not wait until the price ceases to be stable. It is worth noting that the most avid crypto enthusiasts still keep money in ETX. Moreover, such a market is always cyclical, followed by growth. The only question is how soon it will happen so this is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy.