The Bottom Line

The fact that there are not many popular currencies in this article does not mean that they will not grow in value. Here we examined the best cryptocurrencies that are worthy of your attention, are interesting and promising projects.

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Where to Store Crypto: You Must to Know This!

To keep your currency in a safe place, you need specialized wallets. They come in cold and hot storage. Their differences are that hot storage is online. They provide you with quick access to currency and transactions. Cold storage works offline and is suitable for long-term storing, restricts instant access, and has a high degree of protection.

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Stellar: Is it Worth Being Due to Low Price?

Many trading platforms do their best to become leaders and the decentralized trading platform Stellar is far from an exception. Despite the overwhelming concerns within the cryptocurrency market regarding “decentralization,” the SDEX platform is a great place to exchange crypto, and even at cheap rates. It is important to understand that XLM is not crypto with small capitalization.

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Litecoin: Yes or No?

This crypto simply could not get on this list. Firstly, due to close ties with BTC, this currency is expected to be afloat even next year. Since it was created precisely in order to improve the technology of BTC, it even makes transactions 4 times faster. Secondly, this currency showed a stunning result in 2017, despite the sharp market collapse. Although this has affected most other coins, too.

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Ripple: New Partnership Can Increase Cost

This is a very promising network but it still causes many disagreements as to whether this can be called crypto. Nevertheless, it is included in the top cryptocurrency list, based on blockchain technology and the transaction system is similar to BTC.

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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash: Is It Still Alive?

At first, many platforms even refused to place this coin. Well, now it is at the forefront of all popular venues. It is worth noting that this coin does not have a favorite exchange, and all trades are distributed evenly. This is a convenient tool for exchange arbitrage.

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Ethereum: Should We Expect Growth?

Despite the rapid decline of the second largest currency, it still remains the top cryptocurrency for investment. Many analysts suggest that the new year portends a decline to $100, while other investors expect a sudden increase. In principle, today’s figures are extremely close to the mark of $100, but most likely you should not expect a sharp decline.

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Safe Investment with Bitcoin

Well, most likely this is one of the safest currencies to invest. Remember the market crash and how the BTC got out of the crisis. Moreover, BTC is the father of all cryptocurrencies and its technology is used for other currencies.

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